World Countries Unite Against China’s Bully Tactics


World Countries Unite Against China’s Bully Tactics

In this Global Pandemic when the entire world is facing a huge economic recession, Chinese President is filing a conspiracy for territorial expansion. Instead of rolling over this strategy of Chinese President, world countries are fighting back together against China.

India is also banning Chinese Goods and Investments from China. New Delhi has increased tariffs on Chinese Goods and online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart have been directed to tell customers where the products are manufactured.

The “Boycott China” campaign came into limelight after the unprovoked attack by Chinese Army on Indian Army on June 15 in Galwan Valley of Ladakh. The attack by China resulted killing of 20 Indian Soldiers.

Recently, China claimed a Russian City named “Vladivostok” to be a part of their territory. As per reports, after Russian officials posted a video of 160th anniversary celebrations over the founding of Vladivostok on Weibo, Chinese officials quickly picked a bone with them by claiming that Vladivostok used to be Chinese territory in the 19th century.

In addition to this, the world has been a witness to how the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong were beaten by the city’s riot police on Beijing’s orders after the Asian giant passed the national security law, further restricting the privileged freedom of the semi-autonomous region.

The sight of the 7.3 million free people of Hong Kong being crushed under the heel of the Chinese Communist Party regime is one the world will not easily forget. It has already prompted UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to offer British citizenship to three million Hong Kongers, not to mention take a tougher line toward China itself. Huawei, for example, can kiss its 5G business in the UK goodbye.

Now the interesting twist in the tale comes after knowing that China has also taken a toll on Australia, an island continent in the far south and also a part of the Asia Pacific.

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