WHO Experts to Visit China for COVID-19 Investigation


WHO Experts to Visit China for COVID-19 Investigation

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic has been a severe headache to all the nations. The virus originated in Wuhan City, China and was first found on 31st December, 2019. From then, till now, the virus has affected over 13 Million People and leaving 5.5 lakh people dead. However, almost 7 Million People have been recovered from this deadly virus. The symptoms of COVID-19 includes cold, fever, and breathlessness. Also, there were cases reported which were asymptomatic in nature.

After the allegation form the United States President Donald J. Trump that the COVID-19 is a Chinese Virus which was created in laboratory, the World Health Organization declined this claim. As a result, USA stopped the funding of $450 Million per annum to WHO. Now, two senior officials from the World Health Organization will spent two days in the National Capital, Beijing.

Scientists believe that the virus have originated in bats and has spread through animals like cat, armadillo like pangolin in the fresh food market. In an effort to stop further outbreak of the virus, Chinese Government has stopped the trade of wildlife and closed some vet markets which has resulted the virtual stoppage of new local infections.

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