WHD organised two events dedicated to the International Breast Cancer Awareness


World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) is an International NGO with chapters in twelve countries found by Dr Abdul Basit Syed, a British Indian Global Peace Activist, in Croydon, U.K. with a vision to promote Peace, Education and Trade Harmony in world.
As a peace organisation WHD is continuing its ongoing sequels around the world to promote peace, human empowerment, interdependence, trade, mutual prosperity and universal values. WHD partnership organisation “Universal Peace Federation” holds a General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) curated two exclusive events under their series of “SHE speaks” dedicated to the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2020.

WHD Nepal Chapter, Ms Janaki Gurung, being the Secretary General, organized an event “Knowledge Saves Lives” on Oct 22nd together with Hult Prize 2020, Purbanchal University, Nepal. Recently WHD has been given the exclusive title as Global Education Partners for the Hult Prize 2020.

Mrs. Susan Crosthwaite, from the United Kingdom a bold and strong 65-year-old Breast Cancer survivor shared her expertise and insights on her journey of fighting cancer. Dr. Zhenisa Cuni Graci, a medical lecturer from the University of Gjirokaster, Albania, explained the medical aspects in relation to early detection and treatment of Breast Cancer.

This session ensured all the myths, Stigma about Breast Cancer was eradicated and right knowledge was spread.

As a sequel to this event WHD USA chapter, with a able command of Dr Anandhi Narasimhan, convened a “Breast Cancer Hub” a truly emotional event with the notable guest being Ms Ananda Lewis, who is a popular Hollywood TV Host, Carpenter, Mom, Social Activist and most importantly a Breast Cancer Survivor herself. John ‘Baton’ Mitchell, the Founder President of Twirling to Fight Cancer, hosted the panel. The speakers also included Ms. Reagan Leigh Thomas the CEO of @R Productions and Mr. Sherry Alexis, Development Manager from Susan G. Komen Nevada.

Breast Cancer being the far most common cancer in women worldwide, WHD wanted to go that extra step forward to increase attention and support for the awareness.

Women around the world are hesitant to often speak out on their issues and sickness, which is the major cause of missing out on screening, detecting and diagnosing with the early symptoms. This global forum “SHE speaks” of WHD has comprehensively promoted Breast Cancer awareness program to emphasise the vitality of self-care to a large global audience.

The key ideology in this program encircled to “Take your Mammograms” and “Preventive Screening Saves Lives”.
As the common quote reads, “Health is Wealth”.

These events also highlighted the importance of having an enriched lifestyle that will have a greater impact on the outcome of both mental and physical wellbeing.

WHD founder Dr Abdul Basit Syed, said he’s proud of the positive impacts his initiatives and events are creating giving hope and inspiration to millions of life in this world. He further added about the Breast cancer event “You cannot enjoy all the wealth you’re craving, if you are not in good health. There is more to life then money and material things. Invest in people, attend regular check ups, eat well, rest more and exercise as much as you can. Always remember Health is Wealth.”

WHD team of global humanitarians firmly believe Peace and Harmony in this world will prevail only if the humankind is rejoicing their lives with no illness or pain, WHD members have taken an oath to promote, inspire, and motivate people for peace and happiness in this world.

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