WHD organisation launched in India, with Ten Thousand signatures to petition UN to celebrate moral education day to instil values


New Delhi: “Passport 2 Future (P2F)”event was celebrated on the 30th of September, 2019 with the Indian chapter launch of”World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)”, an Croydon based NGO in collaboration with Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai, India.

The P2F event was graced by Hon. Navas Kani India M.P., Hon. Saravanan Karathihayan- Consul General of Malaysia High Commission Chennai, Hon. Aleksei Illiuviev- 2nd Secretary Russia High Commission.

In the event Croydon’s Mayor appointed International Ambassador and WHD charity organisations Founder Chairman Abdul Basith Syed, spoke on importance of instilling high values through moral education to develop and inspire everyone for a peaceful harmonious world, Mr Syed proudly informed WHD organisation members have collected ten thousand signature petition so far to request United Nations to Declare and celebrate 30th September as UN Moral Education Day.

Dr.P.Chinnadurai, Secretary and Correspondent of Panimalar College, confirmed education is the passport to future and happily announced to the audience that WHD and Panimalar colleges will be education partners.

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