We seriously need to protect Our Mother Earth


The recently observed spike in our planet’s temperature has produced significant waves of concern among the masses everywhere. The Industrial revolution of 1760 certainly benefited global economy and fueled unprecedented consumerism but also unwittingly caused innumerable health hazards and serious environmental issues.

The temperature of our planet as recently recorded by NASA Global Climate Change; which UN reports testify to have risen by 1.5°. By 2050, it is predicted to rise up to 2°C. This is not only alarming but quite distressful for numerous life-forms.

The coral reefs, the natural vegetation spread around, animals and birds: every organism in existence is collectively paying the price of their life for our follies, the “superior species”.

In order to preserve and sustainably develop our natural resources, certain organizations and people have taken a communal decision to aid mother nature and make this world a better place than now.
The MOTHER EARTH PROJECT (MEP) is one such association designed and determined to a cleaner, greener and a prosperous tomorrow.

I, Mrs. Laxmi Saxena, am the accredited official trusted with MEPs operations in Jaipur, India.
In my humble opinion, I believe it to be an emergence more than a precaution to protect and preserve our natural habitat. The sporadic waves in the name of Protectionism have truly aided but somehow failed to create a massive impact in terms of awareness and collectivism.
We recently organized a rally in the city with such motives and the response we received was overwhelming. Young people and students partook in such great numbers and the result was monumental. The event was covered by the local press and later featured in international blogs and newsfeed.

The motto, as displayed, was: “NO ACTION, NO FUTURE”.
Similar black Parachutes were sent to people and displayed by communities worldwide.
I take pride in my job. I firmly believe that more than money, garments, real estate and luxury; we need to pass down to our kids a healthier and a lovelier Earth.
MEP is contributing to a great cause and wishes for you to contribute your part as well. Begin today by following the 3R’s: “REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE”.

Reduce the consumption and then discharge of plastics and non-biodegradable products like polythene, plastic straws and cups, etc.
Reuse certain products to also eliminate overconsumption and ultimately, their over-production.

Start Recycling and soon enough you’ll find how we can put discharged “waste” to better use. The plastic waste can be used to make adhesive for damaged roads and even furniture for our houses which is lightweight and quite comfortable as well.
All of this, if properly done, would not only decrease our globe’s temperature but also ensure a better life to Flora and Fauna worldwide.
With the help of people all around, not only our future generations but we ourselves would experience a fresher, cleaner, greener and a peaceful life.
As philosophers often exclaim, “If there is a heaven, it is this.” Let us all make our heaven pleasant again.

– Mrs. Laxmi Saxena

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