We are sitting on a time bomb – Time to Act Seriously

Delhi is sitting on a time bomb and we all are very happily, ignorantly, unconcerned sitting in our own shells.
We can see every where disorder & disorder which can be easily managed and events like Jakir Nagar can be avoided if and only if we start thinking and working properly.
It will not need much from the authorities concerned but all our leaders are just busy in their own political/financial gimmicks and under their shadow the Government servants are enjoying their comfortable life, making money and not sincerely performing their duties for which they are heavily paid from the tax payers pocket.
We can complete mess of wires in every locality of Delhi – Why cannot we just clear it, I think it will not take more than 15 days to do it by involving all our resources.
We have encroachments and illegal construction/activities every where which can be easily removed in a week to ten days.
We have markets on street, unauthorized parking which can be easily removed provided we have will to do something.
We have to act seriously and make Delhi Zero Tolerance State to make it liveable. This will automatically fetch lot of money.
Concerned authorities have to be made accountable for various things and have to be heavily penalised and punished to make it successful. We have Singapore Model and other examples – but we have to act.
Please do something seriously otherwise nature will not spare you some day. We just need the will rest is simple.
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