We are running out of water


The grass is always greener on the other side. As Mumbai is drowning in water with heavy rainfall, on the other side Tamil Nadu is facing acute water scarcity. Chembarambakkam lake, one of the state capital Chennai’s water sources have dried up and Tamil Nadu still has no long-term plans to deal with the water crisis. Chennai isn’t the only one though, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and now Jaipur, the list keep growing and it’s concerning how rapidly it’s spreading from rural to urban areas. According to the Rajasthan Public Health Engineering Department, the Pink City could be out of water in a month if there are no rains.

The Bisalpur Dam which is the main source of drinking water to Jaipur and has a capacity of 1095.840 cusec metres just have 64.930 cusec metres water which is merely 5.93 percent of the reservoir’s storage. And according to officials, it could be over as early as August if the rains do not pick up soon. There are a number of lakes and rivers in different parts of the country facing a similar situation like this.

Due to excess extraction of groundwater and weak monsoon in some cities this year, one can dread lining up in queues which could be kilometres long to get some water. This could be the norm of the urban population too if the government doesn’t take measures soon. We humans have a problem of taking things for granted if it’s easily accessible around us, we exploited our reservoirs to the extent that now it’s on the verge of getting emptied forever. It’s not an assumption anymore, it is going to become our reality soon.

Lack of government planning, increased corporate privatization, industrial and human waste thrown in the rivers and government corruption led us to this day where we face an unprecedented water crisis. It has become an arduous task for most of our cities to counter it. People who get their glasses filled with clean water at the present time doesn’t care as our news channels are mostly focused on showing us political controversies and nonsensical debates.

We aren’t shedding enough light on this deadly situation as it won’t entertain us or give the media smashing TRPs. But it will determine the future of our younger generation. Whether we want our children to get basic requirements to live prosperous life or let them suffer for basic things like clean water, it is in our hands. Raise your voices for something worth fighting for and respect the privileges our mother nature has given to us.

– Sejal Raj

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