Ayurveda & Yoga have always focused on prevention before treatment. As per traditional science, one needs to work on the inner immunity system while taking external precautions.


According to Ayurveda, Corono virus disturbs equilibrium of Vata and Kapha dosha. Hence, it recommends Pitta vardhak (stimulating pitta until it balances Kapha & Vata dosha) diet and lifestyle. Food changes, as suggested below, can help to restore these functions back in the body.

a. Eat vegetables like Fenugreek. It absorbs abnormal kapha.

b. Add Spices in food for e.g. garlic, ginger, turmeric to stimulate taste & assimilation

c. Drink turmeric powder and milk.

d. Eat fruits like papaya oranges and lemons.

e. Avoid cold drinks, ice-creams and cold food.

Rasayana herbs like Aswagandha, Giloya kwath, Dashmul kwath improves internal immunity.

The following Ayurvedic medicines must be taken (based on expert guidance) ie Draksharishta, Sitopaladi Churna, Yashtimadhu with honey, Talisadi churna with honey and Khadiradi vati (chewable tablets).

Ayurveda Therapy

Abhyanga – Oil massage all over body helps improve blood circulation and stimulates parasympathetic nervous system. The calming effect brings balance in metabolism.

Herbal steam – Herbal fomentations to detoxify fats and lighten body, increases digestive fire and thereafter metabolism.

Nasya – It cleans the nasal track and sinuses, developing immunity.

Niyama – To maintain personal conducts as per guidelines.

Shauch – Personal and environmental cleanliness to be maintained. Clean vegetables properly and drink boiled water.

Svadhyay– Be aware of the symptoms of disease, introspect and seek immediate medical help.

Diet – Eat Satvik and vegetarian food as much as possible. According to this Times of India article it is safe to eat seafood in India as no link between seafood and coronavirus has been established, scientists are still exploring the link between bat, snake and coronavirus, “The only thing that you need to take care of is that the meat has been hygienically cooked and should not be raw, which is the best way to prevent any disease transmitted through animal meat.”

Lifestyle– Stay stress free, in warm regions, walk regularly and sleep well.

Yoga Asanas

The lymphatic system strengthens due to numerous twisting and bending postures. It is important to drain out secretions from lymph glands in the body.

Shashankasan– In sitting posture, forward bending drains lymph toxins out from the body properly and improves immunity.

Padahastana– In standing posture, forward bending drains lymph toxins from the body properly and enhances circulation. Similarly, Paschimottanasana helps to expand chest posteriorly.

Sarvangasana – In supine posture raise legs and body upwards till shoulder region. This drains lower limb toxins out from body and reduces pressure on lower body.

Matsyasana – After Saravangasana do fish pose. This helps as complementary postures bring equanimity and take care of other parts of the body like neck.

Dhanurasana – In prone posture (lying on the abdomen) twisting both the legs and hands backward, resembling body like bow. Similarly many backward bending asana like bhujangasana (snake pose), Ushtrasana (camel pose) improve volume, strength and elasticity of chest cavity & muscles.

Shuddhi kriya

Jala neti– Cleanses the respiratory pathway, hence removes the entered virus or bacterial infections. Salt water scraps the track and improves breathing afterward oxygenation. After Jalaneti, one should do Kapalbhati or forceful exhalation to eliminate stagnated water in the sinuses.

Vamandhauti – This is yogic cleaning of digestive track.

Kapalbhati – It is yogic cleansing of sinus.

Pranayama is a systematic yogic approach that tackles breathing and mind concurrently. It enhances and repairs respiratory apparatus thereby making neuroendocrine mechanism efficient. It must be done under direction of experts with 10-20 rounds twice a day.

Lom vilom Pranayam – Alternate Nostril Breathing cleans the internal energy channels and respiratory system more competently. It channelizes and balances neuroendocrine functions, thereby improving immunity.

Bhastrika – Forceful inhalation and exhalation.

Suryabhedan Pranayama – Right nostril inhalation and left nostril exhalation.

Please note – avoid Pranayama which brings cool effects like Sheetali & Sitkari pranayama and do pranayama which brings warm effects like Suryabhedan and Bhastrika pranayama.

Meditation– It is recommended to meditate in a meditative posture. It gives adequate space to the chest and spine and results in a healthy breathing process. Healthy breathing brings mental cleansing.

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