To save daughters Dialogue for Academic Justice DFAJ organised All India Dharna at respective home across the country


To save daughters of India , Dialogue for Academic Justice DFAJ ( All India Networking Organisation of Teachers Associations) organised All India Dharna at respective home across the country.

Simultaneously, Dr. Surendra Kumar,National Convenor,DFAJ was on fast from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on 2/10/20.Teachers,Students and Karamcharis participated in large numbers across the country. It included Dr. Surendra Kumar,National Convenor DFAJ, Dr.Lata, National Co-Convenor, Dr. Bhagwansing Dobhal, Coordinator- Central India, Dr.Rakesh Parmar, Coordinator- North India, Dr. Ravi Rajwanshi, Coordinator- North East, Prof. Suresh Makwana ji, Co- Coordinator,North India, Dr. K.S.Mathur,Co-Coordinator,North India, Dr. Rakesh, coordinator- Jammu and Kashmir, Dr. Ranjith Kumavath,Co-ordinator- Kerala, Dr. Gopal Singh, Coordinator- Harayana, Dr. Verrandara Matasaniya,Co-Coordinator,North India, Dr. Suman Maurya, Coordinator- Rajasthan, Dr. Rahul Chaudhary, Dr.kana Ram Raigar, Co-ordinator- Social Media , Dr. Vinod Kumar, Coordinator- Bihar, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Coordinator- Uttarakhand, and various office bearers, members of DFAJ and progressive people of country participated in All India Dharna.

DFAJ has sent strong message across the country and UN, that torture, brutality and rape to any daughter of India will not be tolerated and forgiven. Across the country from Jamu to Kerala and Gujarat to Assam, the members of DFAJ participated in All India Dharna Organised from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on 2nd October,2020. Paying tributes to Gandhi ji and demanding justice to Daughters of India, Dr. Surendra Kumar, National Convenor DFAJ, was on fast from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The fast was completed at 6:00 pm by offering juice.

“Our message is clear to Government of India that institutionalised mechanism as per vison of women of this country must be implemented to save Daughters of India. We will not tolerate any brutality to any daughter of India. Our mission to save Daughters of India has been initiated and it will not stop till mission is achieved. ”

Definitely, DFAJ will ensure that the right to life and dignity of daughters of India is totally protected. DFAJ is working next plan of action to save Daughters of India and very soon it will be shared.

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