Setu Shivpuri’s book ‘The Melody Of Life’ is a pure work of fiction. It’s a story of a Pop/Rock band. The story gives the message of communal harmony & the message of quitting drugs. This novel was published in 2015 by Mahaveer Publishers, New Delhi.

‘The Melody Of Life’ is a fascinating story about 5 friends of different religions brought together as a Pop/Rock band by fate. Their love for music binds them together. Their friendship overcomes the test of time and survives against evils of life like communalism, drugs & cut throat competition. Laxman Kapoor alias Lucky (the protagonist) is the vocalist, rhythm guitarist, lyricist & music composer. His childhood friend Rohit Jain (the deuteragonist) is the bassist.

Faisal Ali Khan is the lead guitarist. John Gonsalves is the keyboardist & music composer. They are very soon joined by a drummer Karandeep Singh Gill alias Karan, who’s a big flirt. Karan is the most humorous, naughty & happy go lucky person among all. His relationships often cause troubles & create hilarious moments in the story.

The story contains a music album of 7 songs which appear in the course of the story like a Bollywood movie. The songs have been sung, written & composed by the author Setu Shivpuri himself. This was Setu’s second album after ‘Faaslay’ in 2012.

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