Russia votes for President Putin to stay in power till 2036


In a historic decision, Russia votes for President Putin to stay in power till 2036. The results of the referendum to allow President Putin to stay in power till 2036 was overwhelmingly accepted by the Russian citizens. After the vote totalling, it was seen that 77.9% had voted in favour of the amendment of the constitution, whereas 21.2% were against it. The country saw a massive voter turnout of 65% despite the pandemic.The referendum was carried on for a long one week instead of a single day so that there will be no gatherings in a single time, following the social distancing norms due to the pandemic. The current term for the President is expected to have ended by 2024, but has now been extended for 12 more years. The electoral commission has rebuffed all critics who spoke against the electoral indiscrepancies. Putin’s popularity ratings have plummeted to around 60% in the past few months compared to the 90% he maintained in 2015. He has been holding the position since 1999, with a brief break from 2008-2012. A former KGB agent, he has often been praised for his intelligence and has also served as the first director of FSB. He was appointed as Prime minister under President Dmitri Medvedev from 2008-2012, before resuming power in 2012. Russia has always scored poorly in the Corruption perception index and Freedom in the world index due to it’s illusion of democracy. There have been reports of lack of free speech and expression which includes jailing of opponents and journalists who have spoken against the regime. This lack of freedom is appalling especially when the world is moving towards a more pro-democratic way of life. President Putin will henceforth be recognised as the longest serving president in the history of Russia with a total of 28 years of being in power because of the referendum.

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