Recent Impact Of Covid 19 On Environment In India


During the Pandemic time frame, The Covid-19 lockdown is recuperating the planet in a manner never seen before! We have here probably the most indispensable natural changes found in India after the Covid-19 lockdown.
People frequently overlook that we are to a great extent reliant on Mother Nature and become oblivious towards dealing with it. Using the resources with our greeds, made us to be cruel for our Mother Earth. The Covid-19 lockdown forced all of the world and has inspired an emotional response in all of us and has made us think how nature is so significant for our everyday living. The unmistakable upgrades in nature have caused us to accept that the Earth can be spared.

It has made us see that our activities can affect the Earth’s supportability. Here are some of the changes that has made us realise our mistakes:

1.Air quality improved

New Delhi has been positioned as the most contaminated city on the planet by WHO. The typical air nature of India’s national capital as per the air quality record used to be 200. At the point during lockdown, the contamination level hit its pinnacle, the contamination level took off to 900 and now and again, off the quantifiable scale.
As the vehicles were removed from the streets, there was no Industry/ Factory work on and development were come to a standstill. So, in accordance the pollution got controlled for a while. The skies are abruptly an uncommon, penetrating blue. Indeed, even the birdsong appears to be stronger.

2. Dolphins spotted close to Kolkata ghats

Dolphins were being spotted in the most known Ganga river after 30 years of being endangered. South Asian River Dolphins also called Ganges Dolphins have been seen back in the Ganga waterway. Because of the diminished contamination in water, the South Asian River Dolphins have been spotted at different Ganga Ghats of Kolkata.

3. The flamingos expanded their number in Mumbai

Due to the lockdown forced due to Covid-19, countless flamingos have assembled in the city of Navi Mumbai. The winged animals typically relocate to the territory consistently, yet inhabitants have revealed that this year they have seen a huge increment in their numbers.

4. Haridwar Ganga river considered for drinking

The most known river of India The Ganga river was considered and has been delegated ‘fit for drinking after chlorination’, without precedent for decades.
The Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board Water in Haridwar stated that the tests uncover that the water here has been delegated. It is accepted that because of the lockdown, the seepage of mechanical waste into the stream water has halted and gotten a noteworthy change the water quality.

As seen by the changes, Mother Earth always needs time and patience to repair and rebuild itself to all the damages caused by Human Beings. People need to stop hurting the Planet now. It’s now or never. The one who has given us all the resources should also be given back the respect and love it wants in return!

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