Quantum University Roorkee rusticates seven Kashmiri students from the college


The prominent Engineering University, Quantum University Roorkee has been rusticated seven students from the college due to destructive activities and shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan in the campus

On Tuesday here. University also advised them to leave the campus by yesterday evening. S.O. Bhagwanpur Sanjeev Thapliyal were also present during the incident.

The Kashmiri students were shouting slogans “Pakistan Zindabad” in the campus. They threaten students during destruction activities. The videos and photographs are going viral on the social media. Other student groups have created furore against them also.

“All those seven students were saying- there is only 40 martyred, it will reach 440 soon”, said a student in an interview.

Vice Chancellor, Prof Vivek Kumar gave them a rustication order for their misbehaviour over Pulwama attack. The students are – Fahim Farooq Bhat (Resides in Hostel), Aukib Reyaz Hurrah (Resides in Hostel), Farhana Imtiyaz (Resides in Hostel), Arooj Younus Nasti (Resides in Hostel), Anisa Khaleel (Resides in Hostel), and Salman Khan (Day Scholar Student).

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