Plants distributed to journlists in the IIMCAA meet under the Hariyali Kranti Campaign


New Delhi : The annual alumni meet of IIMC Alumni Association (iimcaa) were held in the beautiful campus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. This time the iimcaa connection was different from previous years. In the context of this event, the most important thing was that while earlier cultural programs used to be celebrated, but this time a new initiative was taken to increase greenery. plants were presented to all the journalists who came in connection on behalf of ‘Give Me Tree Trust’. Along with this, journalists who have done excellent work in the journalism world were also rewarded.Prize winners were selected under the new processEvery year, where the IIMCAA awardees were selected through a jury, this year the awardees were selected through the election system.The applications for the awards were called within a certain timeframe, after which their works were submitted for election to all the iimcaa members. Finally, the journalists who get maximum votes, were declared victorious.Training given to people to increase greeneryTrained environmental workers of Give me trees trust led by Peepal Baba. along this, kitchen gardening packet, compost fertilizer, indoor planting plants and large plants in jute bags were gifted to the all journalists. At the same time, information was given about how to use these items to increasing greenery.They were given proper Information about this campaign. Environmental workers said that in a place like Delhi we have a shortage of space, because of this we should make an excuse not to plant trees, instead we can take measures to increase oxygen by growing small plants in the balcony and roof of our flats. Initiative should also be taken to plant indoor decorative plants. This can also ensure the flow of oxygen inside the house along with increase the beauty of the house.The designer of Hariyali kranti Campaign is Badri nath. Badri Nath closely worked with PK on 2017 (Punjab, UP & UK) assembly elections and 2019 A. P assembly election. In last days He is was in discussion for designing Longest bus ride of world “Rishikesh to London”.

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