Now students cannot study in government universities


Rajasthan university of veterinary & animal sciences Bikaner is charging excess amount of fees for examination RPVT-2020 Rs 2600 and Rs5200 with late fees. There are some basic question arising out of such an act. Is it feasible to charge this much amount during this lockdown situation, when there is a environment of joblessness , economy has almost crashed , no economic activity is being operated in this worldwide lockdown , labours are migrating, many have lost their lives during this process .

In this miserable situation how can a university charge such a high amount of fees just for examination ? Even they have not followed the proper process of reservation in charging fees, it is flat for all categories, why ? Is there any check on these type of arbitrary decisions or state government itself is involved in this decision ? how can a student or his/her guardian can pay such a high amount of fees just for an examination ? This type of autocratic behavior of universities should be checked by state as well as centre governments for the benifit of students so that they can easily pursue their studies especially in this covid lockdown situation.

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