KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia 5th Nov 2020, Malaysia For Peace, This WHD event was aimed to unite community leaders to deliver a message of peace, happiness and solidarity to people and religious communities of the world suffering under COVID 19 and create a platform to overcome the crisis transcending religions and continents.

The speakers are involved mainly in welfare, charity and community work especially during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. This event was witnessed by many globally online on Thursday, 5th November by WHD Malaysian Chapter led by WHD Malaysian Chapter Secretary-General Professor Datuk Dr G. P. Doraisamy.

In June this year, WHD awarded seven (7) Malaysians for their welfare, charity and social works, including providing food to the underprivileged and poor, counseling to the depressed, organising online seminars, talks and conferences. The recipients were Mother Mangalam of Pure. Life Society, Jais Abdul Karim of Malaysian Corruption Watch, R. Padmanathan of Malaysian Armed Forces Veteran Association, Datuk Dr. Florence Sinniah, Mohammed Nasir Mohideen of Pelita Association, Ahmad Tarmizi Mukhtar of Humanity Malaysia and R. Naraesh Pillai was honoured with Global Humanitarian Laureate – Stars Of Covid award.

Malaysian community leaders delivered their speech and support on an international platform and urged Malaysians and people globally to count on their blessings and preserve the country’s harmony and peace as it would help the people to prosper.

WHD Founder Dr.Abdul Basit Syed, started his speech by requesing a voice of silence to pay tribute to the victims of the recent terror attacks in France, Austria, Saudi Arabia, together with remembering innocent lives lost daily in this pandemic. His message “We call on the political and religious leaders, both local and international, to act responsibly with tolerance, so as to not inflame the current situation that is already vulnerable and at risk. All religions are pathways to peace and therefore no religion can condone or justify such horrid actions that impact the lives of many peace loving people” He read the WHD peace pledge “Love Conquers All” which was inspiring.

“Malaysia’s strength lies in the people’s maturity as they do not buy into instigations that were intended to sow hatred within society,” said Dato’ Doraisamy, Secretary General of WHD Malaysia.

“While The COVID-19 pandemic has led the world to an unprecedented despair, causing economic and social challenges, we should foster deeper reconciliation to resolve key global conflicts,” said Ahmad Tarmizi, Secretary General of HUMANiTi Malaysia.

World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) was found by Dr.Abdul Basit Syed, to globally promote Peace, Education and Trade Harmony. Since 2018, it has inspired millions across the world as a mode to encourage, recognise and felicitate popular figures to common men who have contributed for the welfare of the society and the world.

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