GLOBALLY KUALA LUMPUR :Malaysians celebrated the 57th Malaysia Day today, to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation, despite facing the Covid-19 pandemic. In the spirit of unity and diversity, World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) Malaysia brought together eight (8) international speakers from Malaysia, Russia, Germany, France and India in its inaugural online conference broadcasted live to more than 12 countries globally. “Although movements are limited due to the recovery movement control order, the spirit of love for the humanity was still evident in this new norm,” said Honourable Dato’ Dr Doraisamy Secretary General of WHD Malaysia. World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) found by Dr.Abdul Basit Syed to globally promote Peace, Education and Trade Harmony. Since the initiative started in 2018, it has inspired millions across the world as a mode to encourage, recognise and felicitate popular figures to common men who have contributed for the welfare of the society and the world. “While practising good values and courtesy in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, the success of people in countries badly hit by the pandemic could be encapsulated in many ways,” said the host Mr Ahmad Tarmizi Mukhtar, Secretary General of Humanity Malaysia. WHD takes pride organising this event bringing differently-abled leaders who have shown courage and determination promoting the best for humanity. “The major objective of this event was to show gratitude and honour especially to these incredible people”, said WHD Founder, Abdul Basit Syed. The prosperity enjoyed are the direct result of of many people around the world’s willingness to practice the spirit of unity amidst the diversity of the religions, races and cultures. The online conference was held on September 16, 2020 – 8.0 P.M, Malaysian Time, with remarkable speakers from Malaysia as Hon. Bathmavathi Krishnan – (Former Senator Malaysia), Mr Wong Yoon Loong – Vice President- Malaysian Confederation of the Disabled, Dr Billy Tang Chee Seng – Paraplegic Farmer, Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh – Consultant Paediatrician & Child Advocate.

International Speakers included Ms Rahma Sophia Rachdi- Journalist Correspondent United States Press Agency – France, Dr Alexander Savoysky- Vice President BRICS Alliance & Sail of Hope – Russia, Dr Janina Urussowa – Expert in Disability Business Inclusions – Germany, Dr Fajila Azad – International Life Coach & Global Ambassador for WHD -India.

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