Long distance relationship: Challenge accepted


This quarantine has made brought a halt to our otherwise sizzling romance and even when we know how much you miss your better half, we are also particularly aware of the dilemma you face when it comes to reviving the spark. Here are few tips to make your quarantined and long distance relationship progressive.
Communicate: communication is the key to a healthy relationship and the earlier we understand this, the better. Use this gap to communicate with your partner. Keep them updated about your plans and work. Talk about your doubts, insecurities, issues, ambitions, hobbies etc. Use this time to strengthen your relationship in order to ensure that distance did bring two beautiful people together.
Do things together: who said movie marathon required your partner over, or Netflix and chill is only possible when you two are together. Love, laugh, binge, bake, cook and click together with each other indulge in similar things, be part of your partners hobbies and appreciate when they succeed. Be the cheerleader and the team mate and score the brownie points of love.Spread the positivity: the lockdown does seem dull and boring but dear love birds, it is absolutely unhealthy to let the gloomy and loneliness reflects in your relationship. Yes the wait and want can make you impulsive and cranky but as the saying goes hope keeps the world alive, therefore you better hold on to that. One trick to stay positive and keep the relationship full of good energy is going for long grateful texts and recalling old memories and sharing a good laughter or funny pictures and situations. It not only shifts the mood but also makes your gorgeous partner feel valued and loved.I am here gesture: no this gesture is not limited to the physical act of showing up. My striving lover I am here gesture is giving your partner assurance that no matter how distant you seem you are always a call or text away.Get a good messaging app and set a specific ring tone or dial and you are done, another way to ensure this is using the nudge feature available across various smart devices.This is not ensures a sense of security and trust but also keeps you both connected while you both are attending to your responsibilities.Excessive communication a no-no: while being there for each other is extremely important don’t indulge in each other excessively. Set some ground rules for expectations and specific timing for talking and texting. Give each other personal space and privacy in order to be productive and then come to share the bond. Do not make it excessively boring rather make it anticipating and exciting.
Social media to your rescue: want to make your partner feel special without hassle. Post and share darling. How warm do you feel when your loved ones post or write good things about you on social media? Then why don’t you do the same for your lover. Dedicate songs, old pictures, and cute memories on your profile page or just keep a track of each other’s social media and see the magic happen.An opportunity to cease: both of you should come and look at it as an opportunity to become stronger as a couple and better as individuals. It is a journey for bth of you and you both have to love and help each other grow. Instead of thinking about the differences and situations that have separated you. Share with each other hopes and plans that you might want to execute in future. A couple’s bucket list is the best thing to make during this time.@Shreeya_monanty

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