Lightning killed 23 and injured 29 in UP


Almost 23 people killed and 29 people got injured stuck in the lightning on Saturday. Similar incident happened in Bihar which took 82 lives. Till today that situation was in everyone’s eye within that span the same occurred in UP.
According to the official statement 8 got died in Allahabad, six cases in Mirzapur,
two Kaushambi, one in Jaunpur.
The Relief Commissioner Officer’s report sayings include nine people in the Prayagraj, 10 others in Mirzapur and four others from Kaushambi suffered from serious burns due to the heat effect of lightning.
Generally if lightning is captured that would be used as electricity. But due to lack of equipment we are not utilising the available resource of power. The lightning that strikes the earth is only of 25 whole years remaining 75 happens within the clouds. This captured lightning can provide electricity to nine days to the whole world coming to states it might supply a year or else half a year.
Honourable Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adithyanath expressed his deep grief over the loss of many lives. They announced the compensation of 4L to each person who lost their life. He addressed the district heads to extend compensation to the families that lost their members. He also stated that the officers should ensure the proper medical treatment to the one who was injured during lightning.
Another report from Bhadohi said that nearly six people were killed from that district and at most six people were injured. Injured people were from different regions of the district. Additional District Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Mishra said lightning struck in different villages of the district late in the evening.
States nearby in the north east India have to be much concerned about the lightning and rain storms because of the consecutive of such natural calamities.

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