Journalist Deepak Chaurasia slapped with a legal notice


A legal notice has been issued against Deepak Chaurasia who is the senior Newsreader of a
news channel alongside working as a consulting editor of Hindi News channel News Nation, for
his offensive, derogatory and hateful remarks against the Muslim community by an advocate named Dr Farrukh Khan. He has been booked under criminal defamation, U/s. 499 of the Indian Penal Code which is punishable under section 500 of the said code. This would not
be the first time that a journalist is slammed for his opinions especially regarding a particular
community. Recently, a famous news channel’s owner and a journalist chief Arnab Goswami
have also been accused with similar charges for his remarks on Congress Chief Smt. Sonia
An FIR has also been registered against him in the various States of India, where the Supreme
Court has withheld the preparations and process of his arrest and further actions by the law enforcement agencies against him till the time the Corona effects are going on in-country.

In the current case of Mr Deepak Chaurasia, the issue came into as of with the terrifying
incidence of the death of a pregnant Elephant in Kerala which sparked nationwide anger, meanwhile, Mr Deepak Chaurasia published a wrongful and misleading tweet on Twitter
which was, “Two people have been arrested in Kerala’s pregnant elephant’s murder case.
Amjad Ali and Tamim Shaikh have been arrested in relation to the murder. Strict action should
be taken against these accused”, which led to bringing him into controversy. The petitioner said
that the tone with which the tweet was referred and written was done deliberately to demean the Muslim community.
The mentioning of Muslim names was done purposefully, said Advocate Mr Khan. Deepak
Chaurasia has many followers on social media this would spread hate amongst people looking at how vulnerable our society is with regards to religion. Though the tweet was deleted later, the
damage has been made as it was retweeted several times.
This is not the first time that Mr Chaurasia has falsely blamed Muslims for everything happening in India and spreading communal disharmony. In a recent show, he deliberately called one of
his guests as the spokesperson of “Taliban”, and when asked to apologize, he refused. In many
instances, he has lost his cool on national television. Mr Chaurasia has also been in into limelight recently during CAA protests of Shaheen Bagh, where he claimed to be assaulted by a group of Muslim people protesting at the protest site. He has a record of being in controversy and getting limited through it was not a new one, but he has also been criminally charged for tampering in Asharam’s video case in the year 2013, in which he got arrested as well and later
got a bail through High Court.
Now, again he has invited a problem for himself by commenting offensively in this current issue wherein the petitioner has immediately called upon for an apology from Deepak Chaurasia in written and on Twitter, failing to which legal proceedings will be initiated against him.

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