Japan parent, Casio India launches home delivery


As India is set to go into the unlock phase 1, businesses are ready to restart operations to boom the economy as well through different ways. Japan originated Casio India now launched the home delivery of its products such as calculator, watches and electronic musical instruments.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are conscious of outdoor shopping. To overcome consumers difficulties, Casio India come up with the idea of a home delivery facility. The company will ensure the doorstep delivery for all its products in association with their channel partners

Casio India shown support to its channel partners and consumers in changing times. Kulbhushan Seth, the Vice President of Casio India said, ” Casio always valued its channel partners and we believe in the quick address of the consumers in changing times. The intent behind this idea is to provide support to change partners and shoppers for a safe and hassle-free experience”.

How to get information:

The customers can get any information about it from the nearest Casio authorised dealer within seconds via SMS. They would have to send a message to this 9266222525 number. Then they will receive a kink redirecting them to a Casio store locator. After the customer select its product, then they can order or can contact to the dealer in any problematic condition.

Origin of Casio India:
Casio India is in operation since 1996. Casio Computers Co. Ltd. Is orginated in Japan. It’s parent company of CIC manufactures and does the marketing of the various consumer products throughout the world.

Casio India Products:
Casio India has a different range of products especially for science field. It includes handheld calculators, scientific calculators, desktop calculators, scientific and printing calculators, Label printers, LED bases green projectors, clocks, wrist – watches, etc. Casio has innovative products made with new technology. Their products are reliable, durable and have the best after-sale services.

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