I’ve been lucky enough”: New Zealand’s Prime Minister.


New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Arder is the first Prime minister to take part in the gay pride parade of the country. She described the event as ” particularly special”. There were 25,000 people present at this vibrant occasion.

She took Instagram to express her gratitude and posted a selfie with a peace message. She said that she has loved every pride parade and has been fortunate to walk alongside them.

” The streets were packed, and what an important message that sends about diversity and inclusiveness. Thanks to everyone who came!” said Ardern.

A photograph of the Prime Minister and her two gay colleagues, finance minister, Grant Robertson, and Labour MP Louisa Wall went viral. The police patrol car was coloured in the rainbow. Police dogs, bikes, horses, everything was painted. A “peace bird” was structured with 500 painted aluminium rods. PM Ardern enjoyed herself at the parade, she was seen dancing, took selfies and gave her love to people present there.

Parade producer Shaughan Woodcock told the New Zealand Herald that it was “very exciting” to have a Prime Minister at the Parade for the first time. He said that he’s happy that the country is being led by a progressive government, a government that stands and supports every section of its people and community. It also sends a message to the outside world that New Zealand believes in basic human rights and that the country loves its rainbow community. It’s time that the other countries start recognising their rights.

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