India-China war averted as disengagement continues on both sides of the border


India-China war averted as disengagement continues on both sides of the border.A key phone call played the most important role in reducing the tensions along the border between India and China as troops retreated and disengaged ammunations. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval was selected as a ‘Special representative’ from India’s side and spoke with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi about the betterment of the future. Both the sides mutually agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest to disengage the troops and establish diplomatic relations again between the countries. They have agreed to complete disengagement and withdrawal of all the troops to prevent further clashes. Chinese government has also acknowledged that they have lost over 100 soldiers due to border clashes which began in May. According to government sources, the chinese army has started removing tents and moving back from patrolling points as a part of the deal. They have been reported to have pulled back troops to about 1.5km from Point 14 in the Galwan valley close to the area where 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives due to the clashes on July 15th.

Many rounds of talks had already taken place between the two countries among the army chiefs and foreign ministries, but the timely intervention of NSA Ajit Doval managed to curb the escalation completely. Conversations between the two countries continue to improve the peace talks and establish decorum in the valley.

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