Illegal Appointment of Head in Department of Anthropology in Dr.Harishingh Gaur University MP


Dialogue for Academic Justice is All India Networking Organization of Teachers’ Associations and continuously working for academic justice across the country has alleged VC of Dr.Harisingh Gaur University for illegal appointments.There are three Professors in Department of Anthropology as per Seniority as given below:1. Prof. A.N.Sharma2. Prof. K.K.N.Sharma3. Prof. Rajesh Kumar GautamIt is a fact that Prof. K.K.N Sharma was appointed Head as per rotation according to Ordinance 9. Similarly, next appointment of Head, after Prof. K.K.N Sharma, should have been approved as per rotation with reference to Ordinance 9, and in this case, Prof. Rajesh Kumar Gautam should have been appointed as Head of Department.

Unfortunately, the competent authority has appointed Prof. A.N.Sharma (who was already Head prior to Prof. K.K.N. Sharma) as Head of Department by violating Ordinance 9. At the same time, It is also an act of denial due rights to the next faculty member on the basis of rotation as per ordinance. As the next Professor in seniority belongs to SC/ST category, it may be argued that the act of violation by the competent authority is also an act of atrocity and denial of justice as referred to in reports of SC/ST Parliamentary Committee, DOPT etc.Therefore, the competent authority is requested to appoint Prof. Rajesh Kumar Gautam as Head for Department of Anthropology and should give clear message to the country that Dr. Harisingh Gour University stands for diversity and discrimination free space, otherwise DFAJ will be forced organize democratic action programmes, in collaboration with SSTA & MPSCSTTA, across the country.

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