First look of Aya and the witch is finally revealed


First look of Aya and the witch is finally revealed, it will be the first CGI animated movie produced by Ghibli
First screenshots of Aya and the witch has leaked on the Internet. Aya and a Witch will be the first animated movie released by the Ghibli Studios. It is originally titled as Aya ta Majo in Japanese. Ghibli studios is known for the 2D hand drawn animated movies like Spirited away and Grave of Fireflies. This movie is directed by the Garo Miyazaki, son of the legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. Garo Miyazaki is famous for the movies like From up on the Poppy Hills, Tales of Earth Sea, he is helmed by fans as someone who could revive the Ghibli studios. Since it was revealed that Ghibli will produce a CGI animation movie, fans are divided on this issue. However fans are looking forward to this movie secretly hoping that it will reform the mainstream CGI movies forever by bringing the charm of Ghibli to the mainstream. It is based on “Earwig and the Witch,” a children’s novel by Diana Wynne Jones. Jones has also written the original source material of the iconic movie Howl’s moving castle directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
First snapshots doesn’t looks very interesting, they simply doesn’t seem to live up to the great works of Ghibli. It looks like a generic CGI feature with lackluster animation. However there is some hope maybe the polished version of the movie will look beautiful. Fans are clearly disappointed, you can clearly feel the rage in the comments section of YouTube and other social media.
It was originally scheduled for a release in the Cannes festival. But Cannes Festival got canceled due to the epidemic. Ghibli has announced that it will be released on TV by HNK in winter but release date is still ambiguous.

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