Environment in quarantine


“The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed,” Mahatma Gandhi

We saw that the planet started healing because of the lockdown; the air quality improved, weather became pleasant and water bodies restored to their natural self. This serves to be an indication that a little care and attention towards the environment can bring change in its form and being. We can reclaim what we have lost that a healthy Earth should be our “new normal”. However this can be possible only if awareness is brought at the base level. Education about environment at school and higher level is made mandatory, promoting the necessity of waste management, sharing the benefits of planting plants -indoor and outdoor and benefits of organic farming.
Not only educational institutes but corporates and offices should encourage their employees about measures a person can take to reduce pollution and also organise events to make people aware in general like marathons, cycling events, go green days etc. There are various NGOs and organisations that are dedicated towards safeguarding the planet, we can also become a part of such organizations and contribute in protecting nature.

As we witness the world environment day today, nature has been frequently warning us of the damage we have done to the earth. While this day was initiated to bring awareness and adopt steps to protect the environment. We as human beings have utterly failed that cause. From Australia’s wildfire, locusts attack in Africa, India, untimely rains in India has put questions on how ignorant humans have been in terms of understanding the nature that is given to us for our living as life without them wouldn’t be easy.
We have often trespassed and ignored the need of nature and its time we realise that nature is not dependant on us but instead we sustain on it. It is important we fear the nature, because its mechanisms our out of our control.

Humans need to sensitize with Nature and its components and in order to that we need to take away the greed we have before we think of taking efforts. The greed of wanting everything, the selfishness of looking after only ourselves has made us believe that we are supreme leaders of the entire ecosystem. However being on top of the food chain should not be the cause of our arrogance but a matter of responsibility to safe guard and maintain the balance.

We as human beings need to give nature its necessary space and understand the need for sustainable development. We need to respect every living and non-living thing on this planet and understand how much we are dependent on these things for our survival. We and our competition for survival have thought of anything other than us as trivial. It is time we understand that environment is the biggest game changer. We need to give mother nature the required attention and importance only then we can save our planet from any harm.

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