Earthquake of 4.7 Magnitude hit Ladakh’s Kargil


An earthquake of 4.7 Magnitude in Richter Scale hit Ladakh’s Kargil on Sunday at 03:37 AM.

National Centre for Seismology said that the earthquake hit 433 Kms of North-Northeast of Kargil at a magnitude of 4.7. The earthquake was reported at a depth of 134 Kms from the ground surface.

Earlier on Thursday, another earthquake had hit Ladakh’s Kargil at 13:11 with a magnitude of 4.5. Till now, no loss of property of lives have been reported.

After the clash between India and China at Galwan Ghati, it is observed that the earthquakes are increasing on a daily basis. Intelligence reports suggest that there are nuclear tests taking place in either South China Sea or some kind of conspiracy is going in the mind of Chinese President Xi Jingping. After the Pakistan- China Trade Contract, China is helping Pakistan in every possible way. India’s close neighbor, Nepal, is now helping China to build troops in their own border. In other words, some of the neighboring countries are creating a conspiracy against India.

On the other hand, United States and Russia are standing beside India. On WWII Martyrs Day Visit to Moscow, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh signed a contract to purchase 21 Mig-29 Advanced Fighter Jets. Super Fighter Jet Rafael is also expected to come to India by November. In other words, if enemies are planning to attack, India is always ready to counter attack brutally.

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