DU Professor hany babu raided by pune police without a search warrant in connection with the bhima koreagaon case


New Delhi: Today morning at 6:30 am, the house of Dr. Hany Babu who lives in Noida, was raided by a contingent of Pune Police for six hours without a search warrant. They searched the entire house and took away all electronic devices, laptops, pen drives, mobile phone, etc. At the end of the search, the Pune Police claimed that the raid was in connection with the Bhima Koreagaon case.

Dr. Hany Babu is an Associate Professor at the English Department of the University of Delhi for more than a decade. His wife also teaches in the English Department of Miranda House, University of Delhi. Not only has he been an outstanding teacher, but has been an active participant in struggles for academic freedom, democratic right, lawful and democratic functioning of the university, equal access to university education and social justice.

Such raids without search warrants are against the very essence of democracy, individual freedom, and open the door for planting evidence. Arbitrary use of instruments of the state to harass and intimidate dissent is inexcusable. Such intolerance towards criticism and dissent was the basis for the insidious attempt that was made last year to amend the Delhi University Act and apply ESMA. We demand an immediate end to such blatantly threatening postures towards voices of dissent and democracy. This attack on academic freedom and freedom of expression will be opposed tooth and nail by the teachers of Delhi University and other academic institutions in the country.

– Rajib Ray

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