CRPF Convoy Attacked in Pulwama


On Sunday Morning, a Central Reserve Police Force was injured by a low-intensity IED Blast in Gangoo area of Pulwama District in Jammu and Kashmir. According to intelligence reports, terrorists planned to attack a CRPF Convoy at the circular road in Gangoo are through IED Blasts. Reports say that the blast was to be followed by heavy firing.

After the incident took place in the morning, entire area was sealed and police are doing further investigation to look into the matter. The reason for the low-intensity IED Blasts are still unknown. As per the recent reports, entire are is sealed and police are searching to nab down the terrorists.

Top officials are saying that the IED Blast would have affected the entire convoy but luckily, the blast took place after the CRPF convoy had crossed the area. The injured CRPF Jawan had minor injuries in his hand. Panic was created when the Low-Intensity IED Blast was followed by firing.

A top police officer said, “A minor IED blast occurred near peaks auto crossing on Pulwama road when a CRP ROP party was being deployed for movement of their vehicles. One constable GD Praeeep Daas of 182 Bn CRP has suffered some minor injuries in his hands.”

On February 14th 2019, a car carrying 44 KG of IED was placed in between CRPF Convoy which lead to a huge blast resulting the death of 40 CRPF Soldiers. The attacker was also spot dead but till date the question arises that even with tight security in Pulwama being a border area, how did the attacker’s vehicle managed to get over there with a large amount of explosives.

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