Covid19 : Dilli Haat reopens, but customers stay away


The Dilli Haat in INA reopened after over a quarter of a year on Saturday to scarcely any visitors. The tourism spot was closed due to Covid19 lockdown, so that the novel coronavirus won’t spread. In fact, hardly any stores were being opened with several businesspeople and owners still away. No stores or food stalls at Dilli Haat were open on Saturday. Some of the owners, who had come, left within hours. Some handicrafts shopkeepers stated that because of no customers in the shops, they shut down their stores. In this way, some expressed that the shops weren’t being opened while the customers expressed that the shops were being shut. Most shop owners said their employees had come back to their home states — Mizoram, Nagaland, Bihar among others. The greater part of their staff have not come back to Delhi, it will take them near seven days to organise travel and come to work, expressed by a food slow down proprietor.

A group of stall owners said they had met the manager of the Dilli Haat on Saturday morning to raise their interests identified with the lease. They have been advised to pay lease from July 4 with no customers visiting the spot. Some expressed that how can they charge them the lease while they have practically no business. The retailers have mentioned them to consider charging just half lease or permit them to open completely from August, as by then they can set up the coordinations. Tenants were excluded rents for April, May and June, as expressed. The ticket counters were shut, with section made allowed to support customers. The administration run shops offered 40% markdown on all things as it was before on some items only.

The Chief manager of Dilli Haat, Ratan Singh, expressed that all government run stores are open. They have informed all crafts-mans everywhere throughout the nation to begin coming in. At least those in Delhi and close by territories can begin coming. The footfall will get in certain days. They had to start somewhere and didn’t request rents for April, May and June, to anticipate them to open and get some business for them.

The Delhi tourism department had on Friday declared that everyone of the three habitats of Dilli Haat, Nature Bazaar, The Garden of Five Senses, Azad Hind Gram and GTB Memorial would open from July 4 and that no entry fee would be charged for the initial 15 days.

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