Corona virus and the homeopathic view


The world is suffering from a new health crises the severe respiratory acute syndrome coronavirus2 (SARS_CoV-2) or COVID -19.

In this article my objective is to throw some light and to spread awareness on the most controversial topic on use of Homoeopathy agaist new coronavirus.
Firstly let’s understand what is a virus.
Virus: viruses are small obligate intracellular parasites which contain either RNA or DNA genome surrounded by ,virus coded protein coat. They are able to multiply only within the living cells of a host.

Coronavirus: coronaviruses comprise a large family of viruses, 7 of which are known to cause disease in humans.some coronaviruses that typically infect animals have been known to evolve to infect humans. SARS-CoV-2. Is also a virus which infect animals and has been evolved to infect humans.In past few years several viral epidemics such as SARS-CoV ( severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2002 -2003 and and MERS-CoV ( middle east resoirtory sybdrome codonavirus was recorded in 2012.
Route of transmission: the new coronavirus sread through the repirtory droplets, coughing and sneezing as with other respiratory pathogens like influenza and rhinovirus with direct contact of mucous membranes.droplets cannot travel more than 6 feet.
It can also spread via touching the infected surfaces varying durations ,Outside body it can survive for 1-2 days on non porous surfaces like metals and plastics , and 8-12 hours on porous sufaces like clothes.
It can be transferred via the stool of infected pesron as covid19 can infect the intestine.
Incubation period: 1-14 on average 5-6 days.
Symptoms divided by severity of infection
Mild – these cases are uncomplicated ,symptoms include fever (mild) cohgh (dry) ,sore throat ,nasal congestion,malaise.
Moderate- cough ,shortness of breath are present without signs of severe pneumonia.
Severe– severe pneumonia is present.fever is associated with secere dyspnea,respirtory distress,tachypnea(>30 bteaths/min) and hypoxia.cyanosis can occur in children
Critcal : respirtory faliure,septic shock and may be multiple organ dysfunction or failure.( According to Chinese CDC report only 5% of cases report to the critical stages.
Diagnosis: specific diagnosis is by specific molecular tests on respiratory samples (throat swab/nasophyrangeal swab/sputum/endotracheal aspirates and braoncheoalevolar lavage) virus can also be detected into the stool and in severe cases into the blood,chest xray and ct scan in severe disease
The ALT/AST ,prothrombin time,creatinine,D-dimer,CPK and LDH may be elevated and high levels are associated with severe disease
Treatment: there is no specific drug or vaccine yet for the treatment of covid 19 only the isolation and prevention

what is homoeopathy?
homoeopathy implies a particular way of applying drugs to disease according to a specific principle known as “similia similibus curentur”(let likes be treated by likes ) .
In other words homoeopathy is the method of curing the sufferings of a man by administration of the drugs which have been experimentally proved to possess power of producing similar sufferings in a healthy human being.
why homeopathy?

As there is no vaccine and specific drugs which can cure the new coronavirus then this becomes important to focus on the alternatives which can save the lives of so many people especially those who ae giving especial services and getting infected like doctors policemen and nurses. It is harsh to know that they are dying because of infection. Homeopathy has been used in many epidemics in past and reduced the mortality rate to considerable extent. some examples are:
SCARLET FEVER: Prussian gov’t made the use of Belladonna during scarlet fever in1838.
YELLOW FEVER: In 1878, mortality rate min in New Orleans was 50% under allopathic care,and 5.6% under homeopathic care.
TYPHUS FEVER: Hahnemann treated 183 cases of typhus,182 out of 183 survived.One person died, and he was already feeble before he caught typhus.This is one of the first epidemics where homeopathy proved it self.This was a time when conventional treatments were having a mortality rate of over 30%
GENUS EPEDIMICUS : The medicine which is indicated in majority of the patients affected from an epidemic disese.the symptom of an epeidemic disease is more or less similar so after thorough case taking of several case of an epidemic disease in a particular locality,a particular medicine is indicated for most of the patients.
GE acts as preventive when given to healthy human beings and escape those person from particular disease
susceptibility is the general quality or capability of the living organism to receive a stimulus and react accordingly,in a general we may call it immunity.
master kent says that sucsceptibility is the flow of’cause'(infection) into the body .’causes’ flow in the direction of least resistance, if resistance appears the cause no longer flows in.
Humans are succeptible( prone to ) to infection in varying degree, one person will become infect and the other person will have no effect when come in contact with the infection.
homeopathy belives in the vital power (we may call it in hindi- prana shakti) of the organism,suceptibility and medicinal power of the drug which alter the resistance power of the vital force and and lower down the susceptibility to get the disease.

Homoeopathic medicines are safe to use beacuse they are proved on healthy human beings.

The homeopathic medicine act in body at any condition in the body, disease on the other hand will always require condition,they can only act when there is susceptibility for it to act in humans. Hence,medicine is stronger than the natural disease force.
eg. children who took belladonna on small doses did not suffer from scarlet fever -the epidemic in 1801.(footnote to sec 33/2).
Hence, homoepathic litreature is all about the increasing power of the human beings to fight against diseases.
Another point to add on where homoeopathic medicine can be used :
After an incubation period, the invading COVID-19 virus causes non-severe symptoms and elicits protective immune responses. The successful elimination of the infection relies on the health status of the infected individual. In this period, strategies to boost immune response can be applied. this is the stage where homeopathy can play a good role by increasing the vital power or the immunity of the patient so that it does not enter the next stage If the general health of the infected individual do not eliminate the virus, the patient then enters the severe stage, when strong damaging inflammatory response occurs, especially in the lungs.

I am thankful to CCRH for suggesting arsenic album as a preventive for the new corona virus. I am also thankful to the Rasjasthan government for allowing the distribution of arsenic album and other indicated remedies among the health care providers. I hope INDIA will win the fight against COVID19 soon. Keep following social distancing and preventive meausures which also include healthy vegetrain diet and regular exercises.

Dr. lekhika singh

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