Centre nods for end semester exams by September


Newsquesindia….(Arvind Jangid) Delhi :- Due to the pandemic the postponed exams which are to be conducted in March will be conducted by the end September according to the Union Home Ministry report. The University grants Commission released new guidelines in the view of the pandemic for the emd semester exams in September.
The ministry wrote to the Higher Education Secretary,about the restrictions and guidelines. The final term examinations are to be compulsorily conducted as per the UGC Guidelines and academic calendar for the Universities and as per the Standard Operating Procedure approved by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the letter said.

“The UGC has revisited its earlier guidelines related to university examinations. In view of the safety, career progression and placements of the students and their larger interests, after consulting @HMOIndia and @MoHFW_INDIA, it has been decided to release some guidelines which help students during the examinations.
“Evaluation of the terminal semester students which was to be done through examinations in the month of July, now their examinations will be conducted by the end of September-2020, following the guidelines laid down by @MoHFW_INDIA for #COVID–19,”mentioned in his other tweet.

As per the new guidelines, the final university exams can be held in two modes as online and offline. If a student is unable to appear in the September examination, measures will be made so that they can take the exams later.
Since all the examinations from the March have cancelled of all the Universities. With the wake of these new guidelines all state governments are going to resume their examinations.

Report – Arvind Jangid

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