Area under cultivation doubled in Telangana extends help for the starved in future


Agriculture sector in Telangana has witnessed the present happiness among the farmers across the State swiftly adapting to regulated farming introduced by the government.
The welcome development with the combination of increased area under cultivation along with the ample water availability for irrigation and good rainfall resulted in an enormous cropping area.
In June due to the unexpected excess rainfall, underground groundwater levels had risen and reached the upper surface an amount of 328.29 tmc was stored in the dams of the State. Area under cultivation in this season has replicated twice compared to last year.
The area under cultivation is 37,36,458 acres in the past year. This year it has replicated double to 63,18,769 acres brought under cultivation. This would increase the crop production which can be useful in this pandemic situation.
Now Telangana would become the number one exporter of food grains and eatables to the needy areas. To come out from this pandemic starvation effect Telangana would stand before the needs of everyone and become the number exporter. During this pandemic many innocent people had left their life due to starvation. This should become a part of the pandemic in the upcoming years. No people should suffer from starvation.

Coming to the cotton cultivation, the government supported the farmers heavily and increased the cultivation to 101%. Other alternative crops grown by the farmers are jowar, ragi, red gram, soybeans and sugarcane rather than paddy.

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