An emerging singer, musician and multi-instrumentalist-Setu Shivpuri


Setu Shivpuri is an emerging singer, musician and multi-instrumentalist based in Jaipur. His prime instrument is Guitar. He is working in this field since he was 12, when he worked as a Television Host in ETV Rajasthan. He has released 4 music albums so far and has written a novel named ‘The Melody Of Life’. He is also a part-time author & actor. He has done many shows in Clubs and functions in various parts of Rajasthan, Delhi & NCR. He also runs his own YouTube channel, which has music videos of his personal albums and Bollywood Cover songs by him. He was also associated with IPTA (Indian’s People Theater Association) during his college days. He is running his own music institute named ‘GOONJ – The Music Institute’ in Jaipur.

Life was never easy for Setu. He had always wanted to become a singer & a musician since childhood, but had to do jobs in the Corporate sector initially for financial stability. He did B.Com because of family pressure, but he was never interested in Commerce.

After the release of his second album & the publishing of his novel, he did M.A. in Urdu from University of Rajasthan by his own wish. He faced a lot of backlash from his relatives & society because he is one of the few musicians who are making soft & soulful music in the scenario & trend of Rap, EDM & remixes.

He was shattered by the death of his mother in 2017. While working in the field of music, he was also cheated by his friends & even his relatives whom he used to love & respect a lot. But he didn’t lose hope & released his 4th music album ‘Kaise Bataaun Main!’ in 2018, which gained him good media coverage in Jaipur & audience on YouTube.

He made & sung an extended version of Seagram’s Imperial Blue’s famous jingle ‘Pyar Ki Raah Mein Chalna Seekh’ which gained him more than 2 lakhs views on YouTube. The song after the first 2 lines has been written & composed by Setu himself.


Music Albums:

Faaslay (2012)
The Melody Of Life (2015)
Tera Woh Palkein Jhukana (2016)
Kaise Bataaun Main! (2018)


The Melody Of Life (2015)


Last Chance (2009) [Unreleased]
[As playback singer]

Short Film:

Facepack (2010)
[As playback singer & lyricist]

TV Show:

Eena Meena Deeka (2001-2002)
[As Television Host]

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