AIIMS Delhi Psychiatrist’s Struggle to Depression


Debraj Shil
Dr. Anurag Kumar, a 25-year old Junior Doctor from AIIMS Delhi, working at the Department of Psychiatry ironically got no Psychiatry help before committing suicide on Friday. As per reports, after completing his shift at 5 in the evening. Anurag returned to his hostel, went to the terrace in the 10th Floor, and jumped off. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but he succumbed to the heavy injuries.

India has always felt the shortage of Psychiatrists or Mental Health Experts. Surprisingly, for 137 Crore People, there are only 5000 Psychiatrists Nationwide. Now, a brilliant Junior Resident like Dr. Kumar felt shortage of help for fighting his depression and mental health issues.

Kumar used to stay in the college hostel and was fighting depression since last 8 months. He wrote in his blog that he also tried few suicidal options in the month of February but a friend admitted him to the same ward where he was working as a Junior Doctor. Basically, his depression arrived after the clearance of his AIIMS PG Entrance Examinations.

He wrote, “It all started in the cold days of December 2019 when I was relatively free after getting a good rank in the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) PG (post graduate) entrance exam. When I was preparing for my post graduate exam from January 2019 to November 2019, I had never anticipated that I will feel down after achieving ‘success’. I started feeling empty and low after becoming free from studies. My internship (last year of medical school) too was free in the month of December. I mistook my low mood with boredom and started to explore Delhi either alone or with my Mother (my friends were either in US or preparing again for AIIMS). I continued exercising and meditation which I was doing for the past few months, although they had started to feel burdensome.”

Further he went on saying that he spent all his internship stipend to a website which provided him brutal suicide thoughts. His last blog was uploaded on 21st June, 2020 on the platform “Medium”.

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsha Vardhan tweeted, “ Shocked & distressed to hear of the painful death of young & most brilliant Dr Anurag Kumar, Junior Resident at AIIMS Delhi He was under treatment for severe depression for sometime now & took away his own life.
“My heart bleeds for his family. Condolences to them & his colleagues. Swept by tears as I read young Dr Anurag Kumar’s blog sent to me by a doctor friend. I feel very strongly. This self-annihilation must be stopped at any cost! Rest in Peace My Son!”

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