Kanpur: Gangster Vikas Dubey Killed in Encounter


Kanpur: Gangster Vikas Dubey Killed in Encounter

Famous Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in Encounter today around 06:30 in the morning who was involved in the killing of 8 Policemen in Kanpur. Reports say that Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter after a road accident on Friday morning while being taken to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh from Madhya Pradesh — where he was arrested yesterday – say the police. Vikas Dubey snatched the gun of a policeman and tried to run but was surrounded, the police said, asserting that they had tried to get him to surrender.

A convoy of three police car was taking Vikas Dubey to somewhere. One of the van overturned due to the slipperiness of the rain-slicked highway and somewhere in Faridabad, Vikas Dubey tried to escape and also snatched pistol of a STF constable. Vikas was shot dead. He was injured with three bullets with two in his chest.

“The car overturned and policemen and the accused were injured. Then Vikas Dubey grabbed a gun from an injured policeman and ran. The police team caught up and surrounded him and tried to get him to surrender, but he refused and started firing. The police had to fire back in self-defence,” the Kanpur police said in a statement.

After the injury, Vikas Dubey was taken to the Hospital where he was declared dead.

Dubey was involved in the killing of 8 Police Personnel last week. The first criminal case registered against him was in 1990. He was also involved in the killing of Minister of State from Bharatiya Janata Party Santosh Shukla. Political involvements of Dubey include the connection of Samajwdi Party, BSP, and of course Bharatiya Janata Party.

People are raising question that since many Political and Police personnel were involved with Dubey, he was killed for termination of further investigation. However, further investigation reports are yet to come.

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